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Joomla Quiz Deluxe

is an enhanced Joomla! Quiz component for authoring great looking Joomla! quizzes, tests and exams.

The quiz extension is compatible with:

  • JomSocial up to 3.x
  • EasySocial 3.x
  • JoomFish
  • AlphaUserPoints
  • VirtueMart
  • Community Builder


  • 14 Quiz question types, including 4 puzzle ones and boilerplate quiz question.
  • 3 mobile adaptive templates
  • Possibility to add images, audio and video to quiz questions
  • Quiz questions organized by categories
  • Question Pool allows organizing test questions by categories and reusing them for different quizzes
  • Extensive quizzes feedback options (quiz feedback; feedback for correct/incorrect quiz answers (during the quizzes or at the end); feedback for each answer option)
  • Quizzes can be grouped by categories for user-friendly view on the front-end.
  • Trackquizzes statistics from the admin section as well as show quiz statistics to users on your site
  • Dynamically generated custom reports for quizzes administrator and for the users
  • Show different information to the users upon the quiz completion (completely hide the results, show the details on every question or only short result summary)
  • Redirection after quiz exam to another page or to the different pages depending on user’s test score
  • Easy Back-end and Front-end quiz interface translation
  • Quiz export and import
  • Quiz results sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
  • Multiple Choice and Multiple Response quiz questions import from .CSV files
  • Move/copy questions to other quizzes/question pool; move/copy quizzes to another category
  • Set number of attempts for each test question as well as for the learning quiz in whole
  • Two time limits options: quiz time limit and time limit before a user can take the quiz again
  • Score points for answering each quiz question, answer option, or combination of both
  • Penalty points for incorrect quiz answers
  • Negative and fractional numbers in the quiz answer options and question score
  • Skip the quizzes questions during the test without answering them
  • Several access levels for quizzes (guest access/for authorized users only)
  • Manual and automated payments for the quiz products (via VirtueMart 2.0.x)
  • Learning paths containing quizzes and articles
  • Unique certificates for the users who pass the test or quiz
  • Email results to the quiz author, administrator, a specified user, or to any email the user writes at the end
  • Special menu allows the registered users to browse their quiz results, download certificate or PDF report
  • The visual divider between quiz questions that are placed on one page
  • Default quiz templates available and ability to edit CSS and customize them
  • Display the user’s quiz results on his JomSocial and Community Builder profiles.

The quiz component can be easily translated into any language. French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, etc. translations for FE are partially done already. Danish, Dutch, and Thai translations are ready for both BE and FE. English is the default language of the quiz extension

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