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VJ Database Tool

VJ Database Tool – Comprehensive database management tool for Joomla!



  • All-in-one database tool: Manages databases, tables and fields easily through your Joomla! administration panel.
  • Multiple database types support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MS SQL
  • Created dumps
  • Multilingual
  • Connect to a database server with username and password
  • List fields, indexes, foreign keys and triggers of table
  • Change name, engine, collation, auto_increment and comment of table
  • Alter name, type, collation, comment and default values of columns
  • Add and drop tables and columns
  • Create, alter, drop and search by indexes including fulltext
  • Create, alter, drop and link lists by foreign keys
  • Create, alter, drop and select from views
  • Create, alter, drop and call stored procedures and functions
  • Create, alter and drop triggers
  • List data in tables with search, aggregate, sort and limit results
  • Insert new records, update and delete the existing ones
  • Supports all data types, blobs through file transfer
  • Execute any SQL command from a text field or a file
  • Export table structure, data, views, routines, databases to SQL or CSV
  • Print database schema connected by foreign keys
  • Show processes and kill them
  • Display users and rights and change them
  • Display variables with links to documentation
  • Manage events and table partitions (MySQL 5.1)
  • Schemas, sequences, user types (PostgreSQL)

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