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This joomla extension lists the thumbnails and titles (optional) of latest youtube videos and shows the videos on a Responsive Lightbox/Video Player. Supported Video Sources are:

Youtube Channel/User’s Upload
Youtube Playlists

It comes as both component and module. So you can display it on a module positions or assign it to a menu item as a full page component (pagination possible for menu).



  • Your php host must have cURL (or remoteurlfopen = on) (Install The Server Test Module from product’s webpage to test the compatibility of your hosting server)
  • This module only displays public videos from a youtube account (private videos are not supported). Check your youtube account/channel/Playlist on the trial site (go to the product’s webpage to find the link) to be sure.

    Max 1000 videos per youtube channel/playlist (100 for User’s Subscribed Videos)


  • Fully Responsive (Works great on any device)
    Youtube Source: Channels, Favorites, Playlists, Subscribed Videos
  • Ability to set Sync Time (Time Interval after which it should Sync with youtube).
  • Ability to Sync Immediately (Go to Joomla Admin->Component->JUserTube)
  • Set the number of videos to show and number of videos to sync
  • Show/Hide Overlay Video Play Icon (not possible with responsive slider layouts)
  • Stylish lightbox to show the video.
  • Ability to show Description (on ‘thumb with description’ layout). Description can be truncated as well.
  • 4 layouts for Module and 2 layouts for Component view. Check the demo pages to view each layout
  • Single Installer for all supported versions. It will detect the Joomla version and install necessary Plugin+Module+Component with just one click.

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