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The name jBolo has been derived from a Hindi word “Bolo” which means “talk”. jBolo is a messenger for Joomla.


jBolo! This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla. It has a lot of fun features like group chat, sharing files, emoticons to add emoticons to your chat and make them more interesting much more! As far as privacy and security are concerned we’ve added some awesome features like chat opt-out and user blocking. JBolo is heavily optimized keeping bandwidth utilization to min and many more features.

JBolo! integrates flawlessly with Joomla, CB, Jomsocial, JomWall and EasySocial as per your choice.

jBolo has Following features:

  1. One-to-one Chat Or Group Chat
  2. JomSocial and EasySocial Message syncronization
  3. User Status and Status Messages
  4. File Sending With Ajax Uploads and Previews
  5. Conversation History
  6. Chat Opt Out
  7. User Blocking
  8. Quick Searching On User Lists
  9. Sound Notifications and Window Title Alerts
  10. Chat As You Browse
  11. Clean and Modern Chat Themes
  12. Admin Chat Activity Dashboard
  13. Show Online Status and Launch Chats From User Profile
  14. Plain Joomla Or Social Extensions
    • Plain Joomla
    • Jomwall
    • JomSocial
    • EasySocial
    • Community Builder
    • Easy Profile Community extension
  15. User Avatars In Chats From Your Favourite Social Extension Or Gravatar
  16. ACL Support
  17. Live Chat With Helpdesk Component Integration
  18. Optimised To Run On Shared Servers

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