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SJ MEGA MENU VER 3 – the biggest update is Drag & Drop layout feature that allows you to quickly build a professional Mega Menu. Sj Mega Menu also supports Horizontal & Vertical Mega Menu types with 8 pre-made layout styles. Sj Mega Menu is extremely flexible for customizing and maintaining.

With Sj Mega Menu, you can use various styles for displaying menus. The drag & drop mega menu owns so many nice effects for many styles of menu. Besides, Sj Mega Menu supports a lots of features which are not only useful but also very easy to setup for your site.

At this time, the module is ready with responsive webdesign. Specially, all of our templates are working with this module. You can check in here.



  1. Support Responsive Layout
  2. Support many browsers: IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
  3. Support to open link in Same Window, New Window, and Popup Window
  4. Shows/Hides module title
  5. Shows position of module
  6. If published, this module will display on your site frontend or backend depending on the module.
  7. Sort item order by lots of criteria
  8. Allow to control Title character, Introtext, Read More Text
  9. Allow you to select and use a menu created in Menu Manager
  10. Allow you to select an active item for menu chosen above
  11. Set a menu level from which will be rendered by Mega Menu, start from 1 as highest level
  12. Set a menu level until which will be rendered by Mega Menu, please use All for all sub-menu items
  13. Show sub-menu items OR not, if NO then two options above will be ingored
  14. Support click/hover events
  15. Support displaying of menu styles: Mega Menu, Css Menu, Moo Menu, Dropline Menu
  16. Support all of menu types
  17. Support many effect for menu styles: Smooth, Lavalamp
  18. Support to add content at the top of module and the end of module
  19. Support caching to make your website loads faster
  20. Prevent the conflict between the module with other modules
  21. Support RTL

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