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Simplifying ELearning … One lesson at a time! A Social Learning Management Extension for Joomla. Powerpacked with awesome features for your dream ELearning site

Shika in Marathi means ‘to learn’.¬†Shika is a Learning Management System (LMS) for Joomla. With Shika, our aim is to make teaching and learning online easy and intuitive. Though we are coming out with the public release of this product now, its been in continuous development over the last 3 years and is part of the production learning infrastructure of several of our clients.

Building this application has been a learning experience for us as well and given us a chance to innovate. With inputs from teachers, corporate clients as well e-learning content development companies, we have structured Shika such that we can solve a variety of learning needs. We believe that listening to clients and working with them gives us much more insight and makes products stronger and more tuned to your needs.


  • Organisation and Search
    • Multi Level Categorisation
    • Tags
    • Search
  • Course Manager
    • Drag and Drop Course Management with Modules and Lessons
    • Elligibility Criteria to define specific learning paths
    • Joomla ACL for Courses
    • Associated files for Courses
  • Authoring
    • Drag and Drop HTML Course Authoring
    • Standard Joomla WYSIWYG
  • Lesson Types
    • HTML5
    • SCORM
    • Powerpoint PPT/PPTX
    • Documents PDF/DOC/DOCX
    • Simple HTML
    • Video (Uploaded and Youtube)
    • Audio
  • Quiz Builder
    • Central Question Bank
    • Multiple Choice Questions
    • Multiple Response Questions
    • Manual Quiz Builder
    • Rules based automated quiz generater
    • Automated Checking
    • Resume support
  • Ecommerce
    • Course Subscription System
    • ECommerce Dashboards and Reports
    • Multiple Payment Plugins
    • Free Sample Lessons
  • Social Integrations
    • EasySocial
    • JomSocial
    • Likes, Comments, Notes and Lists
    • Recommend a Course
  • Reports
    • Course Report
    • Student Report Card
  • Certification
    • Certificate Generation
    • Certification Criteria
  • Tracking and Scoring
    • Multiple Attempts
    • Multiple Scoring Methods
  • Media Storage
    • Amazon S3 Integration

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