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JUX Weather Forecast

JUX Weather Forecast is a beautiful, simple and feature rich weather module for Joomla. It allows you to interact with Weather.com to download and present all the latest local / international weather information on the go.


Fully responsive
JUX Weather forecast module can be loaded and looks nicely on any device with any screen size.
Sidebar position is now available with the smaller size, displayed neatly on PC’s screen.

Provide all latest weather information
JUX Weather forecast will show you all information about the latest temperature, wind speed, humidity, visibility and much more. All will be display in a table with chart and detail data which will help you easier to follow the weather conditions.
Moreover, JUX weather forecast also support both ˚C and ˚F format to help people from all over the world can be checked temperature as their preference.
Almost all the city or landmarks around the world are available and can be saved when you login or logout the site.

Show weather conditions in 10 days
You will be able to forecast the weather condition from with minimum 1 day and maximum 10 days. Each day will display the lowest temperature to the highest temperature of the day, date and icon showing typical weather of the day. With lively icon and detail information, JUX weather forecast will surely help you accurately predict the weather for the coming days.

Fully control the weather forecast in backend
You can experience total control the menu setting and features. We provide all functions in show/hide type so it will minimize your tasks and save much time.

Highlight features

  • Real time weather forecast
  • Support Joomla 3.x
  • Fully responsive
  • Beautiful design with CSS 3 transaction effects
  • Provide all the latest weather information
  • Support both ˚C and ˚F format
  • Ability to set default location
  • 10 days weather forecast
  • Retrieve data from Weather.com
  • Details weather forecast info for city, state, country level
  • English and Russian Language supported
  • Can be translated into your language
  • Show/hide options: Current sky, Dew point, Wind on top, Search location, Sunrise/ sunset time, Humidity, UV index, Feels like, Visibility, Chart, etc.

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