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Paid Events & Ticketing for EasySocial, JomSocial Events & JEvents. Add some more Monetization Punch to you Website today!

Wouldn’t it be Awesome if you could let users sell Tickets for their JomSocial Events on your website & you earn a nice commission on every sale ? Run your own mini Eventbrite within your own Joomla Site ?

JTicketing from Techjoomla lets you do just that ! Get this extension today & let your Cash Register starting ringing 🙂

A feature-packed event booking system that has a native event manager. Also features an Android and iOS app for event managers!

Run your own mini Eventbrite within your own Joomla Site?



  1. Native Event Manager: We have introduced our own native Event Management system. This allows you to use JTicketing standalone if you so wish.
  2. Field Manager: If you’ve build a common field management system in that case same field manager can be used in a different context by various extensions.
  3. Ticket Types: It also allows Event Owners to create Ticket types with varying pricing, availability and descriptions.
  4. Event Specific Fields For Extra Information: Apart from the basic, universal information of the attendee, user is also given the option of Event Specific Fields where some extra information of the attendee can be added.
  5. Awesome New Pin Layout For Events and Multipurpose Events Display Module Along With Lots Of Category, Event Type Sort, Filters, Ordering Options and Quick Search.
  6. Express Checkout and Data Capture: JTicketing makes it super easy to let users buy tickets to events an let them checkout as fast as possible.
  7. Guest Checkout and Silent Registration: Guests can choose to Checkout as a guest without having to Login or Register or can opt for registration as part of the checkout without having to fill up any extra forms
  8. Multiple Payment Options: JTicketing comes powered with Techjoomla common payment gateway system for Joomla and supports over 10 payment gateways.
  9. Awesome IOS and Android App For Event Managers!
  10. Sales Report: Admin can see Sales Report in backend which shows as per even.
  11. Attendee List: This shows Attendee List with Payment Status,Preview Ticket and Number of tickets bought.
  12. Google Maps integration
  13. Awesome IOS and Android App For Event Managers!
  14. Adobe Connect Integration for Online events like webinars
  15. Venue Management
  16. Event Creation API
  17. Shika LMS Integration
  18. Event Owner Specific Commissions
  19. Google Markup Email Support
  20. Admin Reports for Ticket Sales
  21. We offer the admin great overview reports of the overall Ticket Orders, Actual Tickets, Commissions with the ability to drill down to specific users or events.
  22. Design Awesome Tickets with Rich Data & QR Codes
  23. A WYSIWYG Editor with ability to use Data tags to insert Event
  24. JTicketing comes powered with Techjoomla common payment gateway system for Joomla & supports over 10+ payment gateways:
  • 2Checkout
  • Alpha User Points
  • Amazon
  • Authorizenet
  • JomSocial Points
  • Linkpoint
  • pagseguro
  • Pay By Check
  • Pay By Purchase Order
  • Paypal
  • Paypal – Adaptive Payment
  • Payu India (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking)

JTicketing offers great ‘Quick View’ dashboards to let event owners get a snapshot of how their ticket Sales are doing.

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