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Component for import / export of goods from Excel and YML in VirtueMart 2.0 – 3.0

A multi-functional component for Joomla 2.5.6-3.5.x – “Import of goods from Excel to VirtueMart 2.0 – 3.x”.

Supported file formats:

  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • XML (YML – Yandex Market.)

Causing this component you can easily import thousands of items in your store VirtueMart 2 – 3, as well as upgrade individual characteristics (eg, price or quantity in stock) existing products. import component can also create your online store a tree hierarchy of categories with unlimited nesting levels. To do this, you must mark the category that the component arranged them accordingly.

There are several ways of marking to specify sootvestiviya between categories with respect to each other and relative to the goods:

  • complex numbered list (in a cell with the name of a category or in a separate cell);
  • marking the names of the categories of special-characters (either before or after the name);
  • specify the ID or the name of the category in each product line;
  • Find the appropriate category by matching words in the names of products and categories;
  • group lines by means of Excel (hierarchical lists).

The component has a very flexible and convenient system settings to fit your specific Excel-price – you just need to drag and drop columns to select those that are present in your xls-file with, and ask them to correct the order, which would correspond to a sequence of columns in your price list.

It also has the ability to automatically backup master tables VirtueMart 2 – 3 (products, categories, price) before each import. Thus you can always revert to a previous state of the store in one click.

The latest version of the component the opportunity to import and export goods in a format compatible with Yandex.Market (of Yandex.Market) – YML. With this functionality you can export products from VirtueMart to Yandex.Market and import them back. Also, if you have multiple sites, you can easily synchronize them goods by YML format.

Key features:

  • Creating / updating the goods specified in the price list Excel (.xls or .xlsx), csv-file or xml-file (YML)
  • Exports of goods in the Excel-file, CSV or YML.
  • Importing schedule from a specific search folder – allows you to fully automate the daily update of prices and the remnants of the goods, if you upload a price of your stock program (1C or et al.) In a specific folder on your website.
  • Import and export schedule to / from YML-file. The ability to generate YML-File “on the fly”
  • You can create multiple sets of settings (profiles)
  • Creating a “tree” of categories and placing it in the relevant goods
  • Batch creation of thumbnail images of the goods (miniatures)
  • Import images that are inserted in the price
  • Able to handle more (configurable) fields, including and those that affect the final price of the product ( “Attribute basket”)
  • There is support for accompanying parents and goods (by ID or product number)
  • It is possible to shoot with the publication of the goods that are not in the price
  • Manual and automatic backup of key store tables
  • Flexible adjustment of parameters of import of goods with the help of user-friendly interface on the ajax (JQuery UI)
  • The component is not afraid of Gateway Time-out error – working with a very large number of products (tested on the CSV-file 180 000 positions)
  • It is possible to import several similar series of prices (useful if you have a price in the order of 100 000 positions. Because not every hosting enough memory to read a large xls-file with, you need to be split into files 20000- 25,000 lines which can then be imported batch)
  • Added support for custom field type Multi Variant (VM 3.0.6 innovation)
  • There is a filter plug-in support for products “Virtuemart 2 Multiple Customfields Filter 2”
  • Added plugin support “the Custom the Fields For the All”
  • Added plugin support “updates Related articles custom field”
  • Added support for filter Cherry Picker (2.0.6 – 3.8) + Fast Saller (1.0.5 – 2.5)
  • Support for other third-party plug-ins you can order individually.

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