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CW Article Gallery Pro

Bringing revolution in managing Image Galleries in Joomla! Fast and Simple Image Gallery for Joomla Articles. Drag and drop upload and sorting images right in the Article Edit form page. Very easy to use and effective way to manage image galleries for Joomla Articles. You will love it!



  • Simplest and fastest Gallery for Joomla Articles
  • Adds a tab for gallery into Joomla Article form
  • Manage Image gallery right on the article edit page
  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Drag and drop sorting images
  • AJAX & jQuery powered
  • As simple as possible to be user friendly!
  • Position of gallery at the top / bottom of article text or inside the text with syntax
  • Generating thumbnail sizes individually in each article (or keep global plugin settings)
  • Possibility to re-generate thumbnails within article edit
  • Editor button to add gallery syntax into article text
  • Responsive gallery display
  • Available to implement in FRONTEND article edit.
  • Toggle hide/show unpublished images in gallery administration for better gallery management
  • Edit image caption
  • Edit image description
  • Edit image thumbnail – create custom thumbnail with image crop editor
  • Using plugin syntax to customize gallery output in MANY ways
  • Using multiple syntaxes in article content to display multiple galleries in article view – each with own settings and different part of images from whole gallery
  • Different layouts – gallery layout, slider¬†layout
  • Different lightbox engines – not only basic lightbox
  • Options to set image captions and descriptions visible in gallery view or image detail view
  • Publish Status of Images
  • Download button for image in administration – can be useful:)
  • Hide/Show unpublished items in administration – can be useful:)

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