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Auto onPageLoad Popup

Simple and easy to use joomla module which can be activated in a particular menu item(s) to show a popup when the page is visited/opened.


What can you do with this extension ?

  • Trigger popup on scroll or on page exit [Uses Page Exit Intent Technology].
  • You can add custom HTML and joomla articles into the popup.
  • You can select to show the popup for specified menu items using this extension.
  • You can also add any module like newsletter, Facebook like box or any modules to popup on page load.
  • You can set timer for auto open delay and auto close for the popup.
  • You can open the popup once or again and again. It has option to set the popup based on Cookie or Session.
  • Set session/cookie on pageload or closing the popup button. [NEW]
  • Supports Media URL like : Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and Google Maps [NEW]
  • Settings to disable popup for mobile devices.
  • Settings to disable popup after login.
    The module is very easy to configure and comes with documentation.

Key Features of Auto onPageLoad Popup

  • Responsive Extension.
  • Can popup any module on page load.
  • Option to set delay in time of the popup (in milliseconds)
  • Option to set time to close the popup automatically (in milliseconds)
  • Loads once per user in a page
  • Define number of days for the cookie to delete.
  • Set height and width of the popup box
  • HTML text can be used.
  • Insert Videos, iframes, images and text contents into the Popup.
  • Option to enable/disable the close button of the popup.
  • Sets different cookie for multiple modules activated.
  • Joomla articles can be used to popup.
  • Popup module on page load.

Styling Settings

  • Option to set the background color of the popup.
  • 10 different background patterns to choose.
  • Opacity of the background can be controlled.
  • 10 different close buttons to choose.
  • Text color can be changed.
  • Option to change the opacity of the background overlay.

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